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The company provides iPhone(iOS), Android, Web full range of outsourcing services, is committed to providing enterprises with upgrading and transformation, management optimization of information technology solutions, for individuals to provide one-stop product design andOutsourcing services for technology development. Because focus, so professional

Custom Option Service

Not limited to the above services for more needs, please contact us, professional team for your service
CRM System
CRM System functions: Customer resource management, finance
Service management, project management, contract management, supply Should chain functions administrative OA.
ERP System
ERP system main functions are: customer situation management customer Household resource management, project management, financial management Administrative OA functions.
Mall distribution
Mall distribution mall distribution system function: commodity management, business Product entry commodity management, three-level distribution, points Marketing, one-click sharing and other functions.
APP system development

Our strength: the company integrates planning, design, innovation, production, technology research and development in one, the collection A group of senior interactive design, planning, program developers, the company with professional technology International level design concept, breakthrough creative thinking and rich design experience and logical thinking, to provide customers with better solutions.
Industry information is updated in real time

Let you always know the new industry information changes, grasp the new skills of the peer
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